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The Downtown Map

Every year, Kingman Main Street produces a map of historical downtown Kingman, Arizona. The purpose of this map is to provide tourists and locals alike with quick access to the shops and services available to them in our historic downtown. Kingman Main Street aims to support local small businesses and the revitalization of our community and having this map on display in key locations around downtown is one way of doing so.

If you would like to pay to be a featured vendor on this map, please click the button to register for a featured spot. Featured advertising includes display of your business' logo, one piece of contact information, and a brief description of your business. Your text will also be displayed in a color that is more vibrant and stands out. See the below example of a featured ad.

Once payment is processed, you will be added to the list for the next annual printing of the map.

Email reminders are sent out each year to our downtown merchants mailing list in order to notify you when it is time to renew or join. Be sure to subscribe to that list if you have not yet.

2021 Downtown Map


Make your business stand out!

If you would like to pay to have a Featured Spot on the annual map, click the button below.

Featured Spots include:

  • your business' logo

  • a brief description

  • contact information

  • brighter colors

  • a design of the front facade of your building on the map


Featured Spots cost $100 for one year.

If you do not want a featured spot, but want to notify us of your new business so that it is included on the map, click the button below to register for a Standard Spot.

Standard Spots are free of charge.

Sign up for the Downtown Shop Mailing List

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