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Register for First Friday

Welcome to First Friday presented by Kingman Main Street.  This registration form is for the 2020 First Friday season.


Please note that First Fridays will be coordinated differently this year. Kingman Main Street will be curating certain types of vendors for these events, therefore until you receive an official confirmation back from the team, your spot is not guaranteed or confirmed. If you are accepted you will need to bring a print out of the confirmation email that will show us your space number and verify that you have been approved to participate for that month.


There will ABSOLUTELY be no last minute add-ins or changes to ensure the event is fun and safe for everyone.  


If you wish to attend ANY PART of the season you will need to submit this form for approval no later than April 1, 2020. Please include the name and phone number of the person that we can contact to clarify any questions and to coordinate planning of the events.


If you are setting up a booth, the cost per booth, per event is $20. At your first event, the total due for the entire season will be collected. For example, if you have been approved for 4 months, we will collect $80 on the first month of attendance.

If you are part of an organization helping for the evening, the cost of the booth is waived.  We will provide you your set up location via map through email at the address you enter below. 

Apply for the 2020 First Friday Season
Which First Friday events are you registering to participate? Check all that apply. $20 per month per booth.

**First Friday will be held at Metcalfe Park during the summer months due to the excessive heat. The natural vegetation there allows for more shade and cooler temperatures.

Are you willing to sponsor one or more First Fridays? More details forthcoming on what that entails.
If you have a shop on Beale St within the closed off portion, will it be open during First Fridays? **Note: If you are within the road closure area, please make sure your cars are moved out of the area by 3:00pm.
We will have music between 4th & 5th in the months the event is on Beale. Would you be interested in paying $20 for the DJ to do shoutouts promoting your business?
Will you have music inside or at your place of business?
Will you be selling food/drinks?
For the months at Metcalfe Park, will you need booth space?
If you are a volunteer organization interested in sponsoring an art demo, please select the month(s) you would wish to do so.
If you selected one or more months to the left, would you also be setting up a booth for those months?
Please select one or more of the following your business/organization is willing to assist with:

Thank you for submitting your request to register for the 2020 First Friday Season. Someone will be in contact with you regarding any questions we may have and to confirm your registration.

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