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Upcoming Projects

The Complete Streets Project

Kingman Main Street is looking for partner organizations who would like to take on projects to improve our historic downtown. If your organization or group is looking for a project, consider one of the following:

Bike Lanes

Bike lanes support and encourage bicycling as a means of transportation. Bike lanes remind drivers that bicyclists are roadway users, too. Bike lanes also provide an added buffer for pedestrians between sidewalks and through traffic. This is important when young children are walking, biking, or playing on curbside sidewalks.

Street Trees & Landscaping

Trees and other landscaping on city land and in the public right-of-way enhance downtown environmentally, economically, and culturally. 

Benefits: Increases property values and can reduce maintenance costs of other streetscape elements. Promotes an attractive sense of place and will help downtown Kingman compete as a regional destination. Will help improve downtown as a place to work, live, and visit.


Public seating creates a comfortable, usable, and active public environment where people can rest, socialize, read, or people-watch. It is a simple gesture that can go far to create an important sense of place. Seating creates places where people can see and be seen. This ability to entice people to linger is the hallmark of great and successful public spaces.


In becoming more walkable, we will create more affordable downtown living, reduce transportation costs, and provide easy access to nearby amenities that promote financial stability. Improving the built environment for larger events, restaurants, and activities in downtown Kingman offers tremendous opportunity for population growth; attracting those that value safe, comfortable, and engaging downtown streetscape.

Business Space for Outdoor Dining/Sales

Outdoor dining takes full advantage of public spaces for both dining and special events. Intended to enhance the vitality of Kingman by creating an active streetscape. The installation of sidewalk seating and outdoor retail space increase public use, enjoyment and safety. Outdoor space for sales and dining can make an area more walkable, add vitality to the street, and promote local economic development.

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