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Holiday Cookie Craze 

Storefront Decoration Contest Registration

If your business is located in Historic Downtown and you would like to participate in the Cookie Craze, things will be a little bit different this year. We know the challenges many businesses have faced this year, so we decided to purchase cookies from local bakers rather than put the burden on our small businesses. We'll be hosting a bake sale in the parking lot by the mural on the corner of 3rd and Andy Devine on December 12th. Members of the community can preorder cookie boxes from October 15th to November 20th. In an effort to continue to promote our local shops, we will still be holding the storefront decoration contest. However, voting will be done on social media this year. By registering, you are agreeing to abide by the following guidelines. You will receive a confirmation email upon successful registration which will list the guidelines for you so you have access to them.

Benefits of Participation:

  • Supporting a vibrant, holiday themed downtown and the efforts of Kingman Main Street

  • Having your shop featured on social media

  • To continue the tradition of a downtown holiday event, even in an unprecedented year

Guidelines for the Event:

  • Holiday themed decorated storefront

  • You have a storefront located in Historic Downtown

  • Storefronts should be decorated by December 1st

  • Must decorate storefront so it's visible from the street

  • Someone will stop by your shop to take a photo of the storefront after December 1st

  • Photos of the businesses will be posted on Facebook the weekend of December 12th

  • 1 like per photo on the original post is equal to 1 vote for your storefront

  • Winners will be announced by December 14th

  • Beginning this year, prizes for our cookie-themed events will be wrestling style championship belts

  • If you have the honor of being a steward of one of our championship belts for a year, we ask that you have it on public display

  • Winners must return the belt to Kingman Main Street by November 1st, 2021

Register to Decorate Your Storefront

Thanks for registering! You should receive an email confirmation with a reminder of the requirements for your reference.

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